Thursday, January 10, 2013

Package Deployment Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet is all about how to deploy a package. To create a package, please take a look at this previous post

1. Upload the package

Click on the Upload Package button

Click on the Browse button to select your package.

It is recommended to click on the Force Upload button, as sometimes the package changes, but the filename doesn't.

In this case, install the package from the previous post.

2. Install the package

Click on the Install button

Set Access Control Handling to Overwrite.

Click on Install

The package has now been successfully installed on the author instance. Note, that the publisher instances do not yet have the contents of the package. This must occur via the Replicators, through the process of replication.

Note that replicators must be set up, and both the author and publisher instances be running for this to work.

3. Replicating the package

Click on More->Replicate, and in the Activity log below, you should see:

Replicating Package

Package is replicated asynchronously in (xx)ms

You should now be able to hit the pages/content of your package on the publish server.

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