Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CQ5/AEM How to skin the login page

The Problem

You want to customize the images displayed for the CQ5.5 login page

The Solution

You need to take a copy of the libs/cq/core/content/login node, and copy it to apps/cq/core/content/login.

If you don't already have the following folder structure, create the following by going to localhost:4502/crxde 

Right click on apps, create folder and call it:

right click on the newly created cq folder, and create a new folder named: 

right click on core, and create a content folder

go to /libs/cq/core/content/login, copy the folder, and paste it into your newly created core folder.

You should see the following:

To replace the background of the login page, replace background.png with an image of your choice.

Do the same for all of the relevant background screens.

The images folder contains all of the additional images for the login screen. You can go through these one by one to customize the page.

If your desired customization needs to go further than simply replacing images, you can change the login.css and login_ie.css style sheets.

Further Reading

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to customize the default UI in CQ5.6

The Problem

You want to use the old style admin interface in CQ5.6 rather than the new touch style.

The Solution

Go to the OSGi Console at:

Find the Day CQ Root Mapping component.

Edit settings by clicking on the wrench or pencil (depending upon where you are).

Change the Target Path to /welcome.html

Click on OK, log out and login again.

If you want the touch interface back, revert /welcome.html back to /projects.html