Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cross Referencing Text between pages

If you want to reference images on the same page, read this blog entry.

The Problem

You have a range of products with prices that you want to update in several places on your site.

The Solution

1. Create the product/price pair list with a each price pair being a custom component, or a text component.

<TextComponent> Square   $10.00 </TextComponent>
<TextComponent> Triangle   $20.00 </TextComponent>
<TextComponent> Circle   $30.00 </TextComponent>

2. In your target pages, use a Reference component where you would like the price listed.
3. Double click on the reference component
4. Click on the magnifying glass, and navigate to your prices page, and select the price that you want.

Whenever you update the price list, all pages containing the prices will be automatically updated for you.

Bonus Points

You can lock the price page for editing, so that authors won't accidently update your prices across the entire website.

1. Go to the pricing page you have set up
2. Click on the Page tab on the sidebar

3. click on Lock Page
4. The page is now successfully locked so that only you can edit it.

To allow users who have write access to the page to edit again, click on unlock page.

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