Friday, May 17, 2013

The Problem

When using CQ Blueprints, we were getting a strange error coming up when a project was checked out by a new developer, but it was running on everyone elses machines.

Failed to execute goal com.squeakysand.jsp:jsptld-maven-plugin:0.4.0:generate (default) on project taglib: Execution default of goal com.squeakysand.jsp:jsptld-maven-plugin:0.4.0:generate failed: cannot generate report -> [Help 1]

The Solution

The problem was that the taglib project could not be generated, because at that stage of the project, we had no taglibs to include yet, and we deleted the GoodbyeWorld tag and Activator class. Hence, there was nothing to build in the project, and the target directory was left empty, which caused all dependant projects to not be able to compile.

Hence, if the project was built once with at least the Activator class left in, the target build would be created, and there would be no error, only on new machines.

So, if you leave at least the Activator class, or add a dummy tag/activator for the tag, your project should build successfully.


  1. you can also disable the dependency of the view project onto the taglib project and exclude the taglib project in the modules in the parent pom. That way you disable the taglib subproject

  2. True, but then you would also need to remember to include it when you add a tag, and I mean when. It is best to include tags in a decent sized project, which is what the blueprints are designed for.