Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Setting up GMail as your SMTP server in CQ5

The Problem

You want to set up an SMTP server to let you send mail out of your local instance of CQ5 author.

The Solution

Set up a GMail account (or use your own if you feel comfortable where you are storing the information).

The steps:

1. Go to the Felix Console
2. Scroll down and click to edit the Day CQ Mail Service OSGi config.
3. Enter the following details:
    SMTP Server Host   -
    SMTP Server Port    - 465
    SMTP User              - your username (i.e.
    SMTP Password      - your password
    From Address          - your email
    SMTP Use SSL      - true

4. Hit Save
5. Run a user through a workflow containing a group of which you are a member, or send out a newsletter to a group which you are a part of.

You should receive the email in your inbox.

It is worth noting that for production environments, you should set up a production grade SMTP service rather than use GMail.


  1. I would like to add more on this for a form for submit...

    1. Create a blank page in your site which has one parsys.
    2. In the design mode add form to this parsys.
    3. In the edit mode drag the form component to this parsys.
    3.0 Add needed controls to this form.
    4. Now go to the edit for the start of the form.. and set a thank you page.
    5. In the advance tab of the form edit for start, select the mail as the action type and go to action configuration.
    6. In the action configuration, set data for from,mailto,cc,bcc and subject.
    7. Click ok to set the full configurations for the start form.
    8. Go to edit for the end of form
    9. Click to show submit button.
    10.Click ok to finish
    11.Go to the Felix Console
    http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr for Day CQ Mail Service Day Communique 5 Mailer
    13.Click on Day CQ Mail Service Day Communique 5 Mailer
    14.set the following data
    SMTP server host name :
    SMTP server port : 465
    SMTP user: your_gmail (
    SMTP password: your_gmail_password
    "From" address:your_gmail (
    SMTP use SSL:check it
    Debug email:check it
    Save the configuration
    15.submit the form
    16.You will receive the mail from gmail smtp server.
    17.The mail will come to the to-address provided by you in the form action configuration.

    1. This is working for me but i need to send form data to mail so how to form data.

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